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“Raping women who wear ripped jeans is a man’s ‘national duty’ ” – Nabih al-Wahsh



Lawer Nabih al-wahsh

Nabih al-Wahsh, an Egyptian lawyer has unsurprisingly come under attack after stating that a woman who wore ripped jeans should be raped.

Nabih al-Wahsh said that if a woman wore such trousers she deserved to be sexually assaulted and harassed, and said it was an Egyptian man’s ‘national duty’ to rape her.

The jaw-dropping comments came during a television appearance on satellite channel Al-Assema.

He said if women wear jeans with rips that show any part of their legs, they are inviting men to harass them, Al-Arabiya reports.

He added that raping women who wear ripped jeans is ‘a national duty,’ implying that this would not only be what the women deserved but a way for them to learn self-respect.

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He said: ‘Girls must respect themselves so others respect them. Protecting morals is more important than protecting borders.’

This is not the first time Al-Wahsh has behaved outrageously in a television studio.

Last year, he appeared on a talk show with an Australia-based imam who argued that wearing a hijab – a headscarf – is a choice and not a religious requirement for Muslim women.
This infuriated Al-Wahsh, who took off his shoe and beat the imam round the head with it on live television


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Instagram Celebrity Bobrisky Admits To Homosexuality




Instagram controversial celebrity and crossdresser Bobrisky admit to homosexuality.

Bobrisky is a crossdresser who has everyone talking trying to figure out his sexuality, eventually, he is letting us know that he is not just a crossdresser for the fun of it but he actually has the pleasure of being with men sexual. The controversial Instagram celebrity makes this reveal in his comment section after someone calls him out on a post.

Bob shares a video on Instagram writing:

“My sugar daddy love my hair. My bae love me so much and I love him too.”

An Instagram follower then drops a comment saying; “Mum, you be man. Can never be a woman no matter how hard you try. Bitter soul!!!

This is where the reveal is made in a reply by Bob:

“@graceload yes I get u darling but don’t forget my man still love me die like dis knowing the fact that I’m a guy, and no matter how much he f**ks me I can never get pregnant for him which makes it more interesting.”

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Police Arrest Pregnant Woman In Abia State For Burning Her Maid



Pregnant woman burn her maid in Abia state

News making rounds on social media tell of a pregnant woman in Abia state who burns her maid for being late

The woman in question happens to be pregnant and has been arrested by police in Abia state. Though taken into custody, nothing much can be done because of the woman’s condition.

According to reports, the pregnant woman burned the young maid’s buttocks with a hot knife because she allegedly took too long to return from an errand. Accusers say this is not the first time this kind of brutal punishment is being meted out on the little girl.

Read the full story as seen on Facebook:

“I plead with every man and woman created by God, that if u are not ready to accept a maid as ur own child, don’t make attempt to take any into ur house. Reporting from Abia State is a pregnant woman with three kids used hot knife on her little made because she sent her on on errand and she wasted time on d errand.

That was d second time she put knife on fire and place on her bumbum. Neighbours saw the little girl walking with her legs open and she showed them wat the wicked madam did to her. And d matter was reported to d police. The police have refused to prosecute her because she is pregnant with heaven knows which angel.”

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Hailey Baldwin And Justin Bieber Share A Teary Romantic Day



Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber and his model fiancé Hailey Baldwin seem to be on an emotional roller coaster during their Tuesday outing.

According to reports, the couple was seen sharing a teary romantic date. Justin Bieber was the first to come down to tear as seen during a bike ride with his fiancé, Hailey Baldwin who did everything to stop the flow of tears. Justin reportedly hid his face in his hands with tears streaming down his cheeks.

Hailey who was Bieber’s comfort soon turned into the crybaby soon as they got in a restaurant in Tribeca. Taking turns, Bieber lovingly caressed Hailey’s face as she struggled to stop crying.

The reason for the flow of tears from both Bieber and Hailey is yet unclear but it is clear that there’s no trouble in the ‘love’ paradise as Hailey takes to her Instagram story sharing a photo of herself with Bieber as if nothing had happened.

The model shares a black and white image of the couple kissing with the inscription: “My Love.”

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