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We understand your time is valuable… so, we put together your favourite trending stories, concise and precise, all in one place.

Keeping up with the most relevant news and events as they break can be a daunting routine, that’s why we launched Trends44 to help our readers save and get value for their time. We track the news and deliver the latest and hottest stories in a timely fashion.


The world is already too serious, but it doesn’t have to be that way all the time- we’re here to inform, entertain, and educate, in a liberal tone. Our duty call is to virtually travel around the globe to bring you the news and stories that get everyone talking; and those never mentioned.


We do not only strive to serve you trends, but also the reason they do.

Trends44 is a brand of Krebits Concept Nigeria Limited (RC 1393011).

To inform, entertain, and educate in a liberal style.

To create a media empire with qualitative viral content that appeal to our array of consumers.

– Integrity and Responsibility

– Brevity and Precision

– Innovation and creativity

– Teamwork and selflessness

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