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17 Dead As Pakistani Wife Aasia Bibi Attempts To Kill Husband



Aasia Bibi

A Pakistani woman, Aasia Bibi is court on murder charges as 17 people have died after she tried to poison her husband.

The 21-year old wife was brought to a court in the northeastern city of Muzaffargarh on Tuesday.

Pakistani authorities say the woman, who is recently married, poisoned her new husband’s milk and tried to give it to him.

The husband refused to take the milk at the time of offering.

However, Bibi’s mother-in-law used the tainted milk to make lassi, a yoghurt-based drink popular in South Asia.

The yoghurt was served to relatives of the husband, numbering 27, and shortly after serving,  all of them lost consciousness.

They were taken to the hospital, and as at the time of reporting, 17 of them, had lost their lives, in the past few days.

Aasia Bibi had initially denied the allegations, but during Tuesday’s court hearing, admitted that she had specifically targeted her husband, but regretted that the others had died.

Sohail Habib Tajak, who is the local Police Chief told reporters that the bride was desperate to get out of the union, and had spoken to her boyfriend, Shahid Lashari.

It was Lashari who had given the poisonous substance to Aasia.

Bibi had been unhappy about the forced marriage, which took place in September, and had repeatedly voiced her displeasure to her parents.

“I repeatedly asked my parents not to marry me against my will as my religion, Islam, also allows me to choose the man of my choice for marriage, but my parents rejected all of my pleas,” she was quoted as saying.

She further stated to her parents that she was willing to do anything to get out of the marriage.

She said her love affair with her boyfriend continued after she got married.

Both Aasia Bibi and her lover Shahid Lashari, have been arrested and brought to court.

However, at the hearing, it was observed by reporters that neither had lawyers to represent them.



Police Parades Six Suspected Homosexuals In Abia




The Abia State Police Command has arrested and paraded six suspected homosexuals in Abia State.

According to Linda Ikeji,  the suspected homosexuals were caught kissing and caressing at the City Global Hotel in Aba.

The Abia state police commissioner, Anthony Ogbizi, disclosed that the manager of the hotel alerted the Police when two homosexuals were found kissing at the hotel bar.

The suspects, however, denied committing the crime, saying that they were in Aba for the birthday party of one of their friends, Ndubuisi, adding that their families were not aware that they were arrested.

According to one of the suspects arrested who was identified as Chidera, they were all in one room because they were told that the category of the room they asked for was not available.

“I arrived at the hotel at about 6 pm and I asked my friend to book for a room for me. The hotel management said we should pay N5,000 for a room and we could afford it. So, we decided to manage that one room. After drinking at the hotel bar, we went to the room to change our clothes. It was at that time that we heard a knock on the door and when we opened the door, the manager started asking why we were six in the room. After explaining to him, he said they don’t allow more that three persons in a room and that was how he accused us of practising homosexuality in the room. There was nothing like kissing or making love in the room and we are not gays.”

Another suspect who gave his name as Ndubuisi who is a hairstylist stated that he only invited his friends for his birthday party and lodged them in the hotel, adding that they did not indulge in any homosexual act.

The Commissioner further noted that the Hotel Management would present the evidence against the suspected homosexuals who he said would be charged to court soon.

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Police Officers Allegedly Kill Man Over Refusal To Pay Bribe In Anambra



Police officers

Some group of trigger happy Police officers have allegedly killed a man over his refusal to pay a bribe in Anambra State.

This was made known by an eyewitness, Ngini Ebelechukwu Emmanuel, who took to Facebook to upload pictures from the murder scene in Anambra.

According to Ngini Ebelechukwu, the Metro Patrol Police shot the young man while trying to intimidate his driver to bribe them but unfortunately, an officer shot him.

He wrote: “Before my very eyes, the Metro Patrol Police shot this guy in a bid to intimidate his driver into parting way with a bribe, they previously held me to obtain from me. They threw away my papers as they flee the scene.I am posting this before they bury the evidence. I am an eyewitness, am ready to testify. This happened at Agulu before the Unizik campus.”

Recall that, the Nigerian Senate resolved to investigate the death of corp member, Miss Linda Angela Igwetu killed by trigger-happy Policeman.

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Twitter On Fire As Nigerians Report Policeman Abayomi Shogunle



Abayomi Shogunle

Twitter is currently on fire as Nigerians call on Twitter authorities to deactivate the account of the most controversial police officer in Nigeria, ACP Abayomi Shogunle, who serves as the Head of the Public complaint rapid response unit.

Since the beginning of the clamour for a scrap of SARS, Abayomi Shogunle has become a popular figure on every social media platform for always talking down of Nigerians who call for a scrap of the Police unit.

However, Nigerians are tired of stomaching his frequent support for perceived dehumanization by men of the Special Anti Robbery Squad(SARS).

This has triggered the annoyance of Nigerians on Twitter to report the policeman in their thousands so that his account can be suspended.

Here is an example of his thought that has angered Nigerians:

Here are some tweets from Nigerians about the report of Shogunle:

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